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5 Stories You May Have Missed This Weekend
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1. Indiana Gov. Mike Pence Says Controversial 'Religious Freedom' Law Won't Change. Indiana's controversial Religious Freedom Restoration Act will not be changing, despite critics saying it allows business owners to discriminate against members of the ...


Russian trades with Italy
Ansaldo, the energy partner of Russia, receives B.I.D Quality Award
BID Award for Quality company

Ansaldo Energia, BID International Century Quality Award, is proud to have signed a 100 million euro-contract with Power Machines, the main producer of electric generation systems in Russia.


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BID Award for Quality

Business leaders from over 100 countries will attend the International Quality Conventions which are organized every year by Business Initiative Directions in Geneva, Frankfurt, New York, Paris and London.
BID is proposing the nomination of Prof. Bohdan Zakiewicz for the Nobel Prize for a lifetime career dedicated to scientific solutions for saving energy in the coming centuries.


Coach K and Duke finally end streak of March Badness

Despite the differences in the basketball histories of Duke and Gonzaga, the Bulldogs were an excellent team in 2014-15, only ranked one behind the Blue Devils in the Pomeroy Ratings and on the same level as college basketball's annual powerhouse.

Quality loves Innovation
DBTM, at the forefront of technology, now B.I.D. Quality Awardee
Winner of the BID prize for Quality

The Design Bureau of Transport Machinery, BID International Arch of Europe Quality Award,  is Russia’s leading company for the cosmodromes “Plesetsk” and “Svobodny” and for the launch vehicles of the “Kosmos”, “Tsiklon”, and “Zenit”, among others, as well as submarine-launched ballistic missiles.


National Post
Air Canada Flight 624 crash landing in Halifax

CBC News was on scene after Air Canada Flight 624 landed short of a Halifax runway with 133 passengers and five crew on board. 3rd & 7 37yd. 3rd & 7 37yd. B. S. O. close. close. -. Live. Comment; Back. Settings. Share; Facebook; Twitter. Quick Log-In ...


Way to a quality life in space
Research in Space receives B.I.D Quality Award
Winner of the BID Award for Quality for space station

Over 20,000 people in Russia and other countries are employed by Khrunichev Enterprises, BID International Arch of Europe for Quality.

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